Shaaft Critter OMG Cherries Shaaft Critter OMG Cherries




Shaaft is a three-dimensional block stacking game. The blocks fall into a shaft (also known as the pit). The aim of the game is to complete layers (instead of rows). Incomplete layers cause the blocks to build up and reduce the available space. The game ends when some blocks no longer fit into the shaft.

Practice your box stacking skills. The next time you help a friend move, you will be able to show just how many boxes you really can stuff into a moving van. Just be aware of your new found powers so the poor moving van doesn't break an axle...

No moving vans were harmed during the production of this game. Some moo-juice was consumed.

Critical Mass aka. Critter

Critical Mass (aka Critter) is a vertical arcade shooter. Save the world while you fly through some beautiful space scenery filled with stars and nebulas.

Your world has been infested by an aggressive army of space critters. Overrun and unprepared, your government was unable to defend its precious resources. As a last effort to recapture some of the "goodies", you have been placed into a tiny spacecraft and sent after them.

You control your spacecraft at the bottom of the screen, moving left and right in order to avoid incoming bombs and kamikaze attacks from the alien space critters while at the same time firing your own missiles. Collect the goodie containers dropped by defeated critters.

OMG Cherries!

OMG Cherries is a maze game.

Help Larry collect all cherries and avoid Willy the worm. Willy is really grouchy and wants all the cherries for himself. Him and his friends will chase you but they are not too clever. When you eat a magic banana you will make the worms run away for a while. Touching the screen will make Larry go into a cherry "frenzy". He will ignore everything around him but cherries, OMG cherries...